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Refractory Brick

Refractory Brick Engineered for Mortar-free and Self-supporting Structures in High Temperature Cycling Environments: Refractory Brick are engineered to satisfy your specific insulating or melting requirements and deliver long-term service. Calcia or Yttria stabilized Zirconium Oxide pressed or tongue and groove bricks stand-up to temperatures of 2000°C and beyond. Compositions Markets…
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Zirconia and alumina-zirconia-mullite crucibles

Zirconia Crucibles for Consistent, High Temperature Melting: Zirconia Crucibles Engineered for Increased Foundry Productivity at Temperatures up to 1900°C and Beyond: Zirconium Oxide Crucibles deliver cleaner melts at temperatures up to 1900°C and beyond. They are engineered for the melting of superalloys and precious metals and deliver heat-up and cool-down…
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Grinding Media

Ceramic Grinding and Milling Media Radius-End Cylinder and Banded Satellite Sphere Ceramic Grinding and Milling Media Based Upon Magnesia Stabilized Zirconium Oxide: Engineered for grinding and milling of zircon, zirconia, barium titanate, food stuffs, pharmaceuticals and electronic ceramics in vibratory, ball, jar and attritor mills. Zircoa grinding media delivers fast…
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Slide Gate Plates and Tundish Nozzles

Slide Gate Plates for the Toughest Steel Grades: Delivering Longer Operation and Peak Performance: Current tundish and ladle gate refractories cannot, at times, meet the pouring and life requirements for some grades of steel. Zircoa’s Composition 3004, a high quality magnesia stabilized zirconium oxide refractory meets these tougher requirements. For…
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Refractory Backup

Refractory Backup & Custom Granular Zirconium Oxide Materials: Engineered for a Wide Range of Extreme Environments. Refractory backup (also known as thermal insulation and grog) and custom granular Zirconium Oxide materials are available in unstabilized (pure) form or stabilized (combined) with yttrium oxide, magnesium oxide or calcium oxide for structural…
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What’s New

April 12, 2021 Zircoa-RUS, LLC is participating in the 18th International Conference on Refractory and Metallurgy (ICRM-2021) with a presentation: Zirconia-based products for continuous casting of steel and powder metals manufacturing by Zircoa Inc and Dyson Technical Ceramics. The Conference is taking place at NUST MISIS, Moscow, on May 20-21,…
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