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Zirconium Dioxide, Zirconia Powder, Zycron or ZrO2 - Regardless of the
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About Us

The Zirconium Oxide Expert... Zircoa, Inc

The materials backbone of Zircoa is our own Zirconium Oxide raw materials plant. An exclusive thermo-chemical process converts Zirconium Silicate to Zirconium Oxide. Produced in abundance, our Zirconium Oxide serves the needs of not only our customers, but also our competitor’s.

Products from Zircoa provide science and industry with a means to develop, produce and deliver what may otherwise be impossible to achieve, but Zircoa’s accomplishments are not accidental. Zircoa, Inc. finds ways to involve all employees and consistently demand changes in how things are accomplished.

The Company

In 1952, in the fires of a box kiln, within what was once an old Cleveland Police Department horse barn, a new refractory was created. A combination of raw materials, engineering, chemistry, research and finance were successfully combined and transformed to answer the special needs of a customer. In the process, a new company was also created — Zirconium Corporation of America, which was later to become Zircoa, Inc.

Zircoa relocated to Solon, Ohio in 1953, and remains there today. Over the past 45 years they have continued to grow their facility, now occupying almost 3 acres. Company opened offices in Europe, China and, in 2014 the first Russian office was established.

Our Processes

Zircoa, Inc. engineers and manufactures specialty ceramic materials. Our products are made from a combination of Zirconium Oxide and one of three stabilizers, depending upon the application. Zircoa uses traditional ceramic processes to shape these formulas, including: pressing or casting.

The green bodies are fired from several hours to several days at temperatures exceeding 3000°F (1650oC), then cooled to room temperature. The transformation may not end there. Many products require final finishing, including: grinding, sawing or polishing.

Our Pressed & Cast Products are Divided into Two Classes:

  1. Technical Ceramics — Technical Ceramic products are extremely dense, very smooth, impervious and wear resistant. Technical Ceramic products include:
    • Extrusion Dies
    • Grinding Media
    • Mud Pump Iserts
  2. Specialty Refractories — Specialty Refractory products are typically porous and rough-looking, and are often used in environments where thermal shock resistance is important. Specialty Refractory products include:
    • Crucibles
    • Tundish Metering Nozzles, Slide Gate Plates
    • Burner Blocks
    • Kiln Furniture and Transport Medium
    • Bricks for Insulation (for synthetic sapphire and quartz glass industry)
    • Tubes

    A Third, Special Category of Zircoa Products Include:

  3. Granular forms of Zirconium Oxide:
    • Custom Granular Zirconia, also known as grog
    • Zirconia Powder