«ZIRCOA» group
Zirconium Dioxide, Zirconia Powder, Zycron or ZrO2 - Regardless of the
Name, Zircoa is the Source for High Quality, Innovative Products


Zircoa produces its own Zirconium Oxide. Our comprehensive understanding of this material and its use in the production of: other ceramics and refractories, opacifiers, electronics, sensors, abrasives, catalysts, ceramic color, high temperature filler and insulation, electronic ceramics wear resistant products and zirconium metal production, provides us the opportunity to answer some of the questions frequently asked during initial inquiries.

Products from Zircoa provide science and industry with a means to develop, produce and deliver what may otherwise be impossible to achieve, but Zircoa’s accomplishments are not accidental. Zircoa, Inc. finds ways to involve all employees and consistently demand changes in how things are accomplished.